Jeff Law in the Garden

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Jeff Law, Owner of Kabloom Landscaping

Kabloom seeks to enchant, enrich and empower your spirit, with a vision that is only innate, it cannot be taught nor downloaded.

Owner, designer, visionary Jeff River Law has been exploring the forefront of positive change in one of the most dynamic cities in America for decades.

Artist, teacher, re-habber, designer, former gallery and venue owner Law has been in Houston's media for a very long time.

Watching, observing, listening, traveling, inspiring, learning ...each project or adventure he begins germinates, then culminates into a Texas version of Oz. Or Cozumel, or Santa Fe, or Tuscany, or Colorado, or ...the Texas Hill Country. And often the rare combo few others can imagine.

This explosion of creativity all within a city often regarded as impersonal as it sprawled out 50 miles in every direction, exploding in growth, drowning in inhumane developments, bursting with synthetic blends of mass produced everything. Interesting from a carseat, Sterile on foot.

Law began transforming spaces, one at a time. On his own nickle. First, for himself and friends.

And thankfully, Houston is catching up fast. This emerald city has also learned that quality of life is VERY necessary for all of us.

It has become a beautiful, dynamic, festive cornucopia of style and inhabitants , that values nature and demands the creation of unique spaces that are 3D, not just 2D .

Law created and re habbed Houston's first famous Loft 20 yrs ago, and helped promote the recycling and re purposing of salvaged materials decades before the trend. He was a collectible nationally known artist, then turned his attention to creating Houston's most popular store and gallery for another 20 yrs. in what was once a ghetto, and is now one of Houston's toniest and eclectic neighborhoods.

All the while re habbing and landscaping old buildings, and condemned lots, on the side,into whimsical masterpieces. His work has been on countless tours.

His ideas included the use of old wooden flooring, windows and doors, beams and architectural elements ripped from old commercial and residential buildings and destined for heavy trash day . Law eagerly gathered them up, and created anew with them.

The old wrought iron, or carved bannister or column was handcrafted at a time when someone who made these items linked heart with hands. Why allow it to rot in a landfill? The souls and patinas of cultures past tossed out like garbage seemed heretical to Law.

He utilized the use of tin both inside and outside of domains, and was one of the first to also use stained concrete, and stone floors.

Law utilized xeriscaping as a natural extension of this paradym since learning his basics from his father who taught him.

His visions today now speak of laid back foreign shores, a country resort, or European style, charming spaces, that beckon to vacation at home, in any season.

When Law became intrigued with the beautiful, non spreading, tropical bamboos, he found sources and started Bamboo Zu... That venture grew into Kabloom. These Bamboos were not available at nurseries then.

He dug the first hole for his first grove through caliche, drought baked soil, with a claw hammer. They flourished.

Houston has a uniquely difficult climate, but one that can grow more beautiful plants than nearly any city in America, so Law's exterior "rooms" speak to the beauty of nature, not man's dominion over it.

The results are inspiring, comforting, nurturing, and chemical free.

Kabloom 's work invokes a visceral joy for bees, birds, pets, earthworms, microbes, color, details, kids, and adult kids.

Law's care for the environment and personal passion is obvious. The decades of experience blend seemlessly with childhood gifts that grew from a time when kids never ever wanted to come indoors, hot or cold .

....if the child within you desires those memories again also, you'll want to play within his inspirations . Limited bookings accepted however, each re creation is indeed, one of a kind.

- Jeff Law


Jeff River Law has moved to a cabin in the mountains. He returns to Texas to continue to transform Houston.

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